Vacating Your Canberra Rental Property With Ashby Partners? Watch This Video!

Notice of Intention to Vacate
Thank you for notifying us of your intention to vacate the property you rent with Ashby Partners Property Management Canberra. This video is to assist you with finalising your lease.
Break Lease
Please note, If you are vacating the premises before the expiry of your fixed term tenancy, this is considered to be breaking the lease contract. You will be liable to mitigate the landlords loss for any expense which the landlord incurs as a result of you terminating the agreement early. This usually includes, but is not limited to; costs associated with advertising, letting, and loss of rent for up to 25 weeks.
Prospective Tenant Inspections
We will commence advertising the property and carrying out prospective tenant inspections approximately 3 weeks before your proposed vacate date. We will aim to carry out inspections twice weekly to take place on, - one afternoon during the week - and one Saturday inspection. Our leasing team will ensure that prospective tenants show respect to you and your property by removing shoes before accessing inside, prohibiting photography while your personal items are still present, and limiting how many people enter the premises at one time. Our leasing team will contact you to discuss suitable inspection times.
Vacating Inspection
In this email you will see the time scheduled for your vacating inspection. Should you wish to reschedule the inspection so you can attend, you can do so via reply email. Please be mindful we carry out vacating inspection only during business hours. We require the property to be free from any personal belongings and left clean prior to the inspection. Your property manager can assist in providing details of cleaners, trades or removalists should you require assistance during your move.
Tips for moving
Please see below tips to assist in vacating the premises.
- Return the property to the condition reflected in the Ingoing Condition Report
- Make good on any damage or modifications made by you during your tenancy
- Ensure the premises is securely locked, including windows and gates
- Ensure council rubbish bins are clean and free from rubbish - Redirect your mail services to your new address
- Return all keys and swipes to the agent (including any additional copies made during the tenancy)
Body Corporate Buildings
If the property you are currently renting is in a Body Corporate complex, please be aware that you will need to contact the building manager to arrange for the lift (if applicable) to be padded when furniture is being removed. If any damage is caused to the lift when furniture is being removed the Body Corporate may seek costs for any damages.
Final Payments
You will be notified of any residual amount due to the end of your tenancy. This may include rent and outstanding invoices. You will also receive a copy of your tenancy ledger showing all payments made throughout your tenancy.
Forwarding Information
You will be required to provide the following information when to vacate the premises; Forwarding Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Account Name, BSB, Account Number.
We will send you a copy of the final inspection report within one day after the vacating inspection is conducted. Please note that we will not sign off on any bond form at the vacating inspection as we will need time to finalise the report and bring the owner up to speed. We will notify you if there are any issues with the property which may affect your bond refund, and we will always strive to provide you with the opportunity to rectify any items of concern. If a claim is to be made on the bond, we will send you an email outlining each claim to be made. We will substantiate any claim with quotes and/or invoices before submitting.
We welcome you to direct any questions you may have to you Property Manager, and we sincerely with you the best for the future.
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