Routine Inspection Advice

Please fill in the form prior to your routine inspection.




Property Address*

Are all of the power point secure and working correctly?

Is all glass intact (shower screen / windows etc.)?

Are the floor coverings secure (not lifting or fraying etc.)?

Are all gutters and down pipes secure and working?

Are all fences, posts and structures secure and working?

Are the balcony, railings and stairs secure?

Does the property have a safety switch installed?

Are smoke detectors installed and working?

Are there any leaking pipes under the sink?

Are there any dripping taps?

Are there any leaks around the hot water system?

Are there any ants nest forming inside the house / unit?

Is there any loose tiling?

Are there any concerns with the ceilings or cornice?

Tenant authorises photos to be taken?

Any other maintenance concerns: