Tenants - Easy and cost-effective ways to transform your rental home.

Whether you have just moved into a new rental home, or have been living there for some time, it’s always nice to put a little stamp of yourself onto your space. Particularly if the colour scheme is a little dated or dingy, or perhaps a bit too stark and clinical.

Below are a few easy and cost-effective decorating ideas that we've seen in some of our properties under management over the years, most of which can be carried out over a weekend and with minimal effort.



The ability of some luscious greenery never fails to beautify any space. A few hardy houseplants placed around the living areas brings a natural calm, not to mention the benefit of some plants that clean your air. If you don’t possess green thumbs and the thought of caring for a living pot plant sends you into a panic, there are many artificial plants available that look the part, but the real thing is always the best!


Soft furnishings

If your floorboards are a bit scuffed or the carpet is dingy and stained, some big rugs scattered around can make a huge difference. And whether you want pops of colour, dramatic black or red, or neutrals, again the choices are quite limitless. The same goes for cushions or ottomans. Many department stores have a huge variety, and for a relatively small cost, a living room can be transformed.


Washi tape or Japanese paper tape

This fantastic tape is like masking tape and available in so many different  colours and patterns. Its uses are limited by your imagination. It can dress up closet doors in bedrooms, lamp shades, or be used to ‘frame’ pictures on the wall. Take a simple paper lantern light shade and decorate it with washi tape and instantly you have a unique designer light in your living room. Even a plain coffee table can be given a makeover. Decorate with the tape, and if you want a waterproof finish, a couple of coats of clear estapol will seal it for you.


Stick on Tile sheets

Available from hardware stores (or over the internet) these little darlings can transform your kitchen or bathroom splashbacks in no time. They are available in a variety of colours and styles and will stick over existing tiles. A very budget friendly way to restyle an otherwise costly and difficult area of the home.


Tile Decals or motifs

An alternative if you only want to place an accent on a couple of tiles to make a dramatic impact or subtle enhancement. Again, many different and exciting designs are available and sometimes the ‘less is more’ look is classy instead of overwhelming.


Window film

A great way to add a bit of privacy to the kitchen window that looks directly onto your neighbours, or vice versa. Really, any window that you want to add a little bit of zing to, but still let all that lovely light in. And it doesn’t have to be a boring plain frosted look, shop around for exciting patterns.


Bathroom and shower shelves

Ah, the glorious suction cups that help you attach baskets for hair dryers and straighteners, makeup, toothbrushes and toothpaste. The list goes on. And the ever necessary extra shower shelf, or shelves. There never seems to be enough space for all the bathing condiments, and these little beauties really solve the problem. Just make sure your tiles are clean and dry and with a few twists, the suction cups are attached to your new shelves. And even better, removing is a breeze.


As always, it is strongly advisable to check with your Property Manager and Landlord when putting changes in place and get their approval..... (in writing!).  Always read product labels on all products you intend to use. Lastly, it is important to be able to remove any modifications you undertake easily and without damage to the property.