Frame Your Property in the Best Light

- Jack Mohr

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - Fred R. Barnard


When you were reading books as a child, was it easier to let your imagination go wild when you saw an image or drawing beside the words? When you read Harry Potter for the first time, was it imagined like it's seen in the movies? Probably not. Images give context, they let the viewer see how the author, artist or photographer wants the subject to be seen.


I'm a Canberra based photographer. I've had images used across VisitCanberra, Events ACT, RiotACT, Ashby Partners and many more. With the combination of knowledge and skill, I understand how to create images to make events, locations, people and products look their absolute best. I firsthand know how hard it is hard to stand out in a saturated market. If that is the case, then how do we create something that will stand out?


Imagine you're browsing All Homes as a tenant. What stands out the most to you once you've selected your budget and ideal location? What will capture your attention first from the list of available properties? 


Now imagine the site without images or a walk-through video, all you have to go by is the text. Does it sell you on the idea that you want to live there? Or is your first thought "What are they hiding by not displaying photos?"


It is absolutely vital to add quality images and possibly an overview video of your property listing - nine times out of ten your agent isn't the best person to do this. They're amazing administrators and excellent salespeople, but photography isn't (and shouldn't be) their strong suit. It is easy for you (the owner) to see your property through rose coloured glasses because you've most likely lived there for a few years and have a deeper connection with the place. This connection is something we need to create through imagery to get the prospective tenants through the door. The ones who will pay the best dollar and emotionally invest in it as if it were their own.


Let's talk about generating interest. Some grainy images taken on your iPhone won't cut it (sorry, I'm sure they're not that bad), especially when you're trying to compete against professionally taken images of other properties. People are going to go for the property that presents the absolute best first. I mean, wouldn't you? You want to the property to be captured in its prime condition, but also something that accurately represents the property and its features. Not something that makes the property look like a dump, or on the other end of the scale, a million dollars- especially when it's not worth that. As soon as the potential tenants turn up to the property they'll soon realise that it's not as good as it looked in the images. The last thing you want to do is waste their time. We've all been on the receiving end, and it's simply frustrating.


I read an article the other day about how we should stop living for the moment, instead, we should be living for the legacy/future. The same applies to this situation. Spending a couple of extra dollars on a listing now will create a more honest relationship between you and your potential tenants. As soon as they see the property in real life they'll know that this is the property they saw online and they won't be making comments like "it looked much better in the pictures".


Professionally creating a set of images or an overview/walk-through video of your property will start the emotional relationship in the minds of your potential tenants. It will accurately display the property and it will help harbour honesty with your tenants. Images are words... but for visual people.


Jack Mohr

Instagram: @jackjmohr