Optimising Your Wardrobe For Easy Moving

Optimising Your Wardrobe For Easy Moving - Kim Williams, Individually You


Moving house is a high-stress life event. Quite often packing up clothing items is one of the last jobs on your very long to-do list. This can result in clothing items being packed in a hurry and without any sense of order. Let’s look at some how-to tips for:-

  • packing up your wardrobe to make it easier to find what you need when you move,
  • clearing the wardrobe chaos and clutter before you move house,
  • organising your wardrobe in your new home.


What to do before moving?

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack up your wardrobe. Taking time beforehand to sort and cull your wardrobe will mean that you are only taking the clothes that are relevant to your NOW life. Why waste the time packing items that you do not wear, does not fit, or no longer support your lifestyle only to discard them at your new destination or to rehang them and let them take up valuable space in your new wardrobe?

The process I am suggesting involves setting up a system of labelled packing boxes/bags/suitcases that you can place clothing as you are sorting and culling. Suggested labels for these boxes etc could include:-

  • Trash:- Clothes that you longer wear or do not fit but are not in good enough condition to give way.
  • Take Aways:- Clothes in good enough condition that you can give away to charity or friends.
  • Treasures:- Clothes that you are keeping and are appropriate for the current season. If possible keep these clothes on their hangers for packing.
  • Out of season:- Sorting your clothes according to spring/summer and winter/autumn means that you don’t have to unpack those out of season clothes on arrival at your new home.
  • Memories:- Sometimes we have clothes in our wardrobe that hold precious memories and we find it difficult to part with.
  • Maybe:- These are the clothes that you are not sure about.

Go through everything in your wardrobe and use these questions to help guide your packing decisions.

  1. Do I wear this?
  2. Does it fit me?
  3. Can it be altered to fit?
  4. Do I enjoy wearing this?
  5. How does it make me feel?
  6. Does it suit my present lifestyle / Where can I wear this?
  7. Am I likely to wear it in the near future?
  8. Does it easily coordinate with other clothing?
  9. Would I buy this again?

It can be helpful to pack a couple of suitcases with a number of outfits for each member of the household so that on moving you are able to easily locate something to wear.



Wardrobe Organisation Tips for Your New Wardrobe

A wardrobe without organisation makes it difficult to find clothing items and easily forget what you have. Here are some steps for organising your new wardrobe space:-

  • See and Reach Principle - Hang as much as possible.
                                              - Clothing that is not clearly visible and easy to reach can be forgotten.
  • Arrange in Wardrobe - Hang same with same:- skirts, tops, pants, dresses, jackets etc
                                              - within each clothing group, organise into same colours, light to dark,
                                               plain and patterns.
  • Out of season clothing - Free up space in your wardrobe by storing these items elsewhere.
                                              - Utilise space under beds, top shelf of wardrobes or unused
  • Rolling - Rolling clothing items that do not crease can make it easier to locate
                                                          in drawers or baskets.


Your wardrobe plays a very important part in your daily life so taking the time to plan your decluttering and packing process can ease the transition into your new home.


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